The Continent of Talmud

a First Course in Jewish Tradition


The continent of Talmud hosts Sura, Mehoza, Nehardea and Pumbadita. These are each, at different times, the leading cities of Talmud. Arava is a suburb of Sepphoris on Mishna Island, but there is constant travel to and fro. Sura, Nehardea and Pumbadita is each continental capitol at different times. Talmudic magic? Each city still exists and every citizen still lives.

This is not the same as Torah’s eternal relevance. Torah originates from God’s Will animating the Mitzvot, the highlands above the Halakha Sea’s shoreline.

Talmud is actually an extension of the Mitzvot into vast forestlands and deep lakes. The extension of the Mitzvot begins with the Barita Ridge. This was a known but mostly unexplored region of Mishna Island. As Mishna became too crowded the Baritot, scattered throughout Barita Ridge, were explored and mapped. It was during this expedition that Talmud was discovered.

Another expedition noted that Tosefta, a part of Mishna Island below sea level, could be reclaimed. The reclamation formed a new extension of Mishna Island and Tosefta was separately connected to the Talmudic mainland.

Talmud is so vast that it cannot ever be explored completely. Three major expeditions were mounted: The Rashi, the Tosofot, and the Mishneh Torah. These expeditions all explored the entire continent.

The Expeditions

The Rashi expedition observed and explained the many and varied features but other expeditions, notably the Tosofot, made independent observations and often reported different findings. The Mishneh Torah expedition took a different approach.

The Mishneh Torah was less interested in the Talmudic landscape than in exploiting the resources native to the continent. While the Rashi and Tosofot stayed in Talmud, the Mishneh Torah stayed only long enough to mine, distill and redistribute the vast natural resources. Even so, the Mishneh Torah expedition stayed very close to the continent on Yad, an artificial reef built especially for this purpose in the Halakha Sea.

Other artificial reefs were built near Mishna Island and the Mitzva Highlands. The Mishneh Torah expedition discovered a new continent called Déot.

Continent of Talmud

Reb Arie

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