Extraordinary Member Service

Extraordinary Member Service

Extraordinary Member Service

A consulting educator specialized loss prevention development and integration, ARM-LP is a membership program available only to qualified Jewish community organizations.

Core Competencies in Member Service

Your volunteers and members want member service. You may as well provide extraordinary member service.

The Metivta of Ottawa thinks there’s a relationship between member service and loss prevention. Member service inspires confidence. Confident members work hard to protect the assets their community acquires — starting with new members.

The Missions of Extraordinary Member Service

Mission. To mitigate risk and minimize financial loss in the Jewish communal organization we serve.


Loss Prevention Headquarters

Organized to teach loss prevention, consult, research, and publish business intelligence, LPHQ researches and publishes speciality media strongly influenced by learner needs. Such media is intended for use by these niche users:

security professionals
workplace welfare professionals


A Metivta of Ottawa membership program, ARM-LP provides both Jewish communities and the volunteers they rely on with essential skills in member service and loss prevention.

community-based risk managers
community-based volunteers

 The Core Competencies

CCMS certification is the culmination of ARM-LP Tier 1 learning. Five self-paced modules, organized as two units, is rated as 15 contact hours.
By the end of this program, learners will be able to:
identify and describe the basis of effective member service
understand the difference, if any, between member service and client service
understand the difference between and hazards and risks
identify and describe the basis of effective loss prevention
distinguish between loss prevention, security and safety
Member Service Qualification

The MSQ Course is presented in two modules.


MSQ 1 Understanding Service MSQ 2 Hazards & Risks

Module 1

Module 2

Module 3

Module 4

Module 5

An introduction to service marketing, MSQ 1 is a half-day seminar providing learners with the basic skills to serve community-based organizations. An introduction to safety, Hazards & Risks is a half-day seminar addressing the principal hazards and risks an ARM-LP volunteer may encounter.