G!d Loves Stories

Telling The Stories

The Torah vs torah. Text and context define Jewish tradition. Text?  Torah Sheh’bikhtav — “written Torah.” Context? Torah shelba’peh — “oral Torah.”

A Memory

“Written Torah” describes how The Torah was collected.

  • It does not describe what was collected
  • What was collected, other than stories?

A Library

“Oral torah” is a library, a collection of Jewish wisdom taught and told generation to generation.

What Does The Library Collect?

The neverending story I tell to G!d of my spiritually challenging life. (Some people call it a “prayerbook.” It isn’t.)
The neverending story of adapting my spiritually challenging life to modern living.
The neverending story of adopting modern ways to live my spiritually challenging life. 
The neverending story how of to live a spiritually enriched life that adapts tradition and adopts modernity. 
The neverending story of interpreting Torah. 
The neverending story of interpreting torah

Other Names For Memory

Sefer Torah (Torah Scroll)Chumash (Five Scrolls)
The neverending story of a spiritually challenging life. 
The neverending story of a spiritually challenging life with… punctuation? Punctuation is a form of interpretation.
The Torah has more names also, separate names for books, for chapters, for the dramas and histories that mean something to a people called “Israel.”

torah and Torah?

This and that is the word of the living G!d. What matters is the story we tell, not the name we call it.

Tales of the Chasidim