The Metivta of Ottawa. We Envision

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The Metivta of Ottawa: We Envision

The Metivta of Ottawa is a significant contributor to Jewish and civil society through the distribution of innovative ideas and perspectives.

We envision Jews empowered by a community of seekers.

We envision Jews and Judaisms. Our Jewish identity includes a commitment to share traditional Jewish values with members of non-Jewish communities.

We envision Jewish traditional values as we participate with, endorse, and serve worthwhile civic initiatives implemented through co-operative and non-profit organisations.

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A traditional and progressive Jewish religious community in Ottawa’s west end, Migdal Tzedeq is an informa learning community meeting regularly since 2009. 

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COMING SOON… And sooner than you think.

The 59th Jewish Century is now less than 25 years away. Are you ready?

We envision Jewish communities empowered by innovative marketing and communication tools that only the Internet Age makes possible. The Metivta of Ottawa’s vision relies on the ongoing research we undertake to provide our members with innovative communication, training, certification and consulting programs for a single annual fee.